Who We Are

Galina Sokolsky- Executive Director. Galina has been in the field since 2008 and has an experience running infant, preschool and school age centres. Galina has a Bachelor's in Behavioural Sciences and a degree in Early Child Program Management. Galina started with Norwood Nursery School in December 2021. Galina believes in team work and makes sure that every child's unique needs are met. 

Jacquie Desjarlais - Assistant Director  Jacquie has been working in the Early Childhood field since 1991.  Her schooling began in the Education department at the University of Winnipeg.  Jacquie is present in every part of our program.

Liana Romaniuk - Early Childhood Educator/Preschool Supervisor:  Liana graduated from the Early Childhood Educator program at RRC in 1989 as a ECE III.  She has been part of the NNS/B&A program since 2009.  Liana starts our days off on the right foot and is the lead in the Preschool and Nursery programs.

Carina Tovar:  Child Care Assistant, Kinder Program and B & A Program: Carina has a Bachelor in Education from the Catholic University in Venezuela.  Carina was teaching Science from 2000 until 2015 and worked with a variety of grades from Grade 7-11.  She has been working with kids since 1995 in a variety of settings including summer camps and field trip coordinator at her school.  

Paulina Sanchez-is an Child Care Assistant who works mostly at our school age program at the Nordale location.  Paulina has 2 wonderful children and speads her summers exploring Manitoba.

Kayne Sampson- is and ECE II and has been in the field for over 7 years. Kayne has worked with children from 0-12 years old. Kayne joined NNS in June 2022 as a School age Supervisor.