Calendar of Events

NNS Important Dates 2019/20

August:  5th- Closed for Terry Fox Day
26th-30th School Age program running at 87 Walmer for the week.

September:  2nd- Closed for Labour Day
  3rd- Inservice for Provencher, Nordale, Henri-Bergeron
  4th- Inservice for
  5th First Day of Classes-
  16th- Inservice for Prov., N, HB
  17th/18th- First Day of Nursery School
  24th- Early Dismissal

October: 8th- NNS Annual General Meeting (at least one member from each family needs to attend!)
14th- Closed for Thanksgiving
  22nd- Early Dismissal
  25th- Inservice for SAGE- Prov., N, H-B, / No Nursery today

November: 8th- Inservice for Prov./ No Nursery today
  11th- Closed for Remembrance Day
  22nd- Inservice for Prov, N, H-B,/ No Nursery today
  26th- Early Dismissal

December:   20th- Nursery Concert/ Last day of classes/ Early dismissal
  21-Jan 6th- Closed for Winter Break!

January: 6th- First Day of Classes/ all programs resume
  28th- Early Dismissal
  31st- Inservice- Prov., N, H-B /No Nursery today

February: 17th- Closed for Louis Riel Day
  25th- Early Dismissal
  28th- Inservice- Nordale / No Nursery today

March:  13th- Inservice for Prov., N, H-B, / No Nursery today
  24th- Early Dismissal
  30th- April 3rd- Spring Break / No Nursery today

April:  Time to register for the Summer Program and September!
6th- First Day back after Spring Break/ Nursery resumes
  10th- Closed for Good Friday
  13th - Open for Easter Monday
  17th- Inservice- Prov., N, H-B,
  28th-Early Dismissal

May:    8th- Inservice- Prov., N, H-B, /No Nursery today
  15th-Closed for Professional Development in Lieu of Easter Monday
  18th- Closed for Victoria Day
  26th- Early Dismissal

June:  8th- Inservice Day Nordale/ No Nursery today
12th- Inservice Day- Prov./ No Nursery today
  30th- Last Day of School/Early Dismissal

July:    1st-   Closed for Canada Day
  2nd- Summer Program begins

August:  3rd- Closed for Terry Fox Day

September: 4th- Last day of Summer Program
  7th- Closed for Labour Day

Early Dismissal Dates: